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Leaps Of Faith

Telepathy. Ghosts. The power of prayer. Life after death. Why do so many of us believe in such things "beyond belief?" In this provocative and thoughtful book, Nicholas Humphrey re

ISBN10 : 0387987207 , ISBN13 : 9780387987200

Page Number : 244

Soul Dust

How is consciousness possible? What biological purpose does it serve? Why do we value it so highly? In 'Soul Dust' the psychologist Nicholas Humphrey, a leading figure in conscious

ISBN10 : 9781743347119 , ISBN13 : 1743347111

Page Number : 288

The Mind Made Flesh

Nicholas Humphrey's writings about the evolution of the mind have done much to set the agenda for contemporary psychology. Here, in a series of riveting essays, he invites us to 't

ISBN10 : 0192802275 , ISBN13 : 9780192802279

Page Number : 366

The Inner Eye

Human consciousness is often regarded as the last great mystery - a riddle for those committed to a scientific understanding of the world and and our place in it. What is it for an

ISBN10 : 0192802445 , ISBN13 : 9780192802446

Page Number : 188