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The Cunning Plan

Foxy DuBois is on a mission to get rich quick. Only one thing stands in her way - Alphonso the Alligator! Can Foxy's hair-brained schemes make enough money to keep Alphonso fed? Or

ISBN10 : 1444909312 , ISBN13 : 9781444909319

Page Number : 176

Princess And The Peas

Refusing to eat peas even when her father disguises them in smoothies, shakes and cupcakes, Lily-Rose May is diagnosed with "princess-itus" and sent to live at a palace where princ

ISBN10 : 9780763665326 , ISBN13 : 0763665320

Page Number : 30

Supermarket Zoo

Everyone knows that going shopping with Mum can be the most boring thing in the world. But, for Albie, one trip to the supermarket opens up a whole new world of fun . . . Because t

ISBN10 : 9780857074010 , ISBN13 : 0857074016

Page Number : 32


When you're a princess, you can do whatever you like. Or can you? Life for Princess Primrose is rather dull because she's not allowed to climb trees, dig up muddy vegetables or eve

ISBN10 : 9781407156040 , ISBN13 : 1407156047

Page Number : 32