Double Rainbow Bowl

A double rainbow means serendipitous magic is on the way,  the path of personal magic is opening for you.  Be true to yourself and your dreams and know that the Universe is conspiring on your behalf. By @sweetly_salted_berry

For the red layer:

40 g very ripe!!! papaya + 1/4 tsp pink pitaya powder

For the orange layer:

30 g very ripe mango+ 10g very ripe papaya

For the yellow layer:

40g very ripe mango

For the green layer:

1/4 banana+ 1/2 kiwi (no seeds)+ optionally 1/4tsp good quality matcha tea

For the blue light layer:

Blue layer make double, pour 1/2 of the mixture to the small bowl, rest keep in the blender
3/4 ripe banana+ 1/2 tbsp coconut yogurt+ 1/4 tsp vegan protein+ 1/4 tsp blue spirulina

For the dark blue layer:

Use half mixture from light blue layer+ 1/4 tsp butterfly pea tea powder

For the purple layer:

30 g blueberries+ 1/4 banana+ 1/2 purple plum

Use hand blender- hand blender speed is gonna give you super creamy consistency of your layers!

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