Easy Milo Ice Cream with 3 Ingridients Only

easy milo ice cream

Milo Ice Cream would be the best choice to spend your day in quarantine, If you love an ice cream you should try this recipes, this is really easy, even a beginner could easily made this Milo ice cream, This recipe only uses 3 ingredients. Don’t worry if you are not good in cooking or baking as it is a simple and delicious NO FAIL recipe!

Milo Ice Cream

Here’s The Full Recipes

Easy Peasy Milo Ice Cream for Beginners

The Ingredients:

  • Milo powder – 60g (2 packets)
  • Whipping cream – 150g
  • Condensed milk – 60g


▼ Step 1: Pour whipping cream into a big bowl.

▼ Step 2: Use egg whisk in the same direction and high speed to whip the whipping cream until set.

Remember whipping cream need to be chilled before whipping, as room-temperature cream not able to get stiff peaks form.

▼ Step 3: Add Milo powder and condensed milk and stir well

▼ Step 4: Put into freezer for 4 hours before serving

Enjoy your milo ice cream..

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